fool fantasy
this is the moon baby's glittery atelier.
08:51 #tbt my last show at the blue moon before my move. Snapped by @marioashkar
10:51 Let’s take a selfie. 🐦
16:49 Photoshoot at @Bunkerprojects
10:51 #fbf w my auntie @marshamonstermellow for bingo with a twist. 😍
00:56 😢
10:16 Last night w Joe King after Ms. PTown. ❤️
09:43 Beyonce and Nicki put @youngandrevolting and me through it last night.
11:17 Last week my band @kneaddeep came out w out summer ep. Listen at #nofilter
11:44 jeromyvelascoillustration:

#drawlloween Day 7: Moon  #luna #moonbaby #whoyoucallingcraterface
11:44 mazasam:

#moonbaby #bunkerprojects #pittsburgh #mc
11:44 lookatallthisstuff:

Me and Ex-Roommate Miss Pittsburgh Trash 2013 moonbaby at her Horror Drag Music Film Premiere We’re All Very Proud.
11:43 judgmentalmaps:

Pittsburgh, PAby Haterburgh
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