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today i am joyous at the things that i believe in. at the triumph of love and forgiveness that i have known for some time now and that is symbolized on this day by so many and given to all who want it whenever they want it. and i am also saddened by all of the hate speech that i hear especially on days like today but also on most days. words that come from my family of friends regarding my god and my spiritual response to the belief system i so strongly fall back on in all things and at all times. sure. sam perry is a semi-locally famous pittsburgh drag queen rising in fame in the underground of the many lettered community he feels most comfortable in. he’s a faggot. but sam perry is a happy faggot who is not angry at people who aren’t as understanding of nonlinear sexualities and accepted transgression. and sam perry is not a christian who has remained unread and stagnant. he’s a faggot christian who understands the concepts of grace and compassion as things that override judgement. so when i hear hate speech about christianity and jesus christ in my day to day but especially on major christian holidays, i become indignant.

what we believe about ourselves in terms of our sexuality, our gender, and our spirituality is deeply private and personal-so much so that this post was written a year ago and placed in my tumblr q and will not be advertised on my somewhat successful social media. but a bitch has to vent. cher it if you want, sonny.

im not asking that dive bars or satirical public personas be open forums for discourse on serious issues such as this. i am asking that we all have a little bit of respect. i believe in the deeply mystical and fantastic love of christ jesus and i believe in enjoyable faggotry and i’m not guilty about that. to tell me or anyone that they are not allowed to be gay and a christian is some of the most fucked up shit i’ve ever heard. we who so quickly label the things that we do and believe as part of our “community” are more quick to throw stones and draw lines of requirement than we realize. 

i know that gender identity, sexuality, and spirituality are deeply personal and private things that when made public in a loving and accepting community can become deeply more meaningful through shared experience and perspective. 

respect one another. 

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