fool fantasy
this is the moon baby's glittery atelier.
11:17 Last week my band @kneaddeep came out w out summer ep. Listen at #nofilter
11:44 jeromyvelascoillustration:

#drawlloween Day 7: Moon  #luna #moonbaby #whoyoucallingcraterface
11:44 mazasam:

#moonbaby #bunkerprojects #pittsburgh #mc
11:44 lookatallthisstuff:

Me and Ex-Roommate Miss Pittsburgh Trash 2013 moonbaby at her Horror Drag Music Film Premiere We’re All Very Proud.
11:43 judgmentalmaps:

Pittsburgh, PAby Haterburgh
Haterburgh Copr. 2014. All Rights Reserved.
01:58 Angela Anconda
20:53 #regram of @jazzmiinrae + me at #excusemybeauty starring @gia_gunn
19:59 Video shoot tonight
21:42 Sometimes I draw a self portrait in ten minnies on a sky lantern and then send it to the moon because I’m so emo. 💅
17:53 Thanks @marshamonstermellow @monstermellow for this pic of me at #excusemybeauty with @gia_gunn see Marsha and me at 5801 august 5th for bingo w a twist!
09:14 #excusemybeauty was so much fun with these girls @jazzmiinrae @bebegone @a2designs @gia_gunn @cherribaum at @brilloboxpgh thanks for the photos @mashamousebones ❤️
10:43 Last night got weird.